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9 – F – Fluorine

F Elementary fluorine corrodes glass, therefore in place of it a very old fluor-spar (calcium fluoride) containing traces of radioactive material is shown here. Elementary fluorine is set free by the decay, which is released when breaking the mineral and is recognizable by its characteristic smell. Amount: 0.4 g fluor-spar, elementary fluorine unknown.
F This is real elementary Fluorine, enclosed in quartz glass, which resists corrosion better than ordinary glass. Amount: 2.5 ml.
F Viewing this way, one can guess the pale yellow color.

Physical and chemical data
Atomic mass18.9984032
Density1.58e-3 g·cm-3
Melting point-219 °C
Boiling point-188.1 °C
Abundance0.03 %
Oxydation levels-1
Electron configuration[He]2s2 2p5

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