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Ever wanted to carry a lisp machine in your shirt pocket? Now this is possible with the LispMe Lisp system for the Pilot PDA... so much for marketing, which isn't really necessary, as LispMe is Free Software published under the GNU Public License. Look here for an overview of LispMe's features.

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What's new in version 3.22

This is the final version of LispMe, there is no further development. Sadly, PalmOS is dead, RIP. For details, see modification history.


LispMe is a Scheme compiler and runtime system running on the Pilot PDA. It is mainly intended to have a tool for quickly trying ideas and algorithms, but you can write dialog-based applications, too.

Features included:

Features omitted: For the top level, loading of sources etc. LispMe uses a unique concept not found in other similar systems but fitting (IMHO) very good to the Pilot's "flavor".

LispMe can use both memos and DOC files as source format, so all your code is automatically backed up with hotsync and you can import/export source code like any other text with your desktop PC.

All LispMe memory is held in a database, so switching to other applications and restarting LispMe again is possible without destroying the current image, even during an evaluation.

Legal Stuff

LispMe is released under the GNU Public License and comes with absolutely no warranty. I take no responsibility for any damage this program may cause to your Pilot or your databases stored on your Pilot. You should backup your Pilot databases before installing LispMe. LispMe has been tested thoroughly on the Poser emulator with debug ROMs, on my old Palm IIIc running PalmOS3.5 3.5, my new Tungsten T3 under PalmOS 5.2.1, and several other devices and different software/hack configurations and seems to works fine. Here I want to thank all beta testers for their great support.

MathLib is a free shared library that can be used by any OS 2.0 Pilot program that needs IEEE 754 double precision math functions. It's distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and is freely available with full source code and documentation at the MathLib Information web page. It's not a part of LispMe, and you're not paying anything for its use; a copy is simply included in this archive for your convenience.

Parentheses Hack is freeware! Why charging fees for a simple little hack that I wrote in one afternoon?

To use Parentheses Hack, you need to install HackMaster on your Pilot. You can get it here. Please note that HackMaster is shareware, so you should register it. An alternative to HackMaster is X-Master, which is freeware.



When sending bug reports, please include source memos, expression evaluated and information about your configuration (OS version, active hacks)

You can reach me by